IT Specialist - Worcester, MA

DEPARTMENT: Information Technology


The Information Technology Specialist is part of the larger IT team.  This position has a variety of diverse roles and duties assigned by the EVP of Technology. This position interacts with vendors and other contractual partners to ensure that internal and external systems are functioning as intended, service level agreements are being met, sensitive data is protected, and proper security measures are implemented, documented and tested to satisfactorily address cyber security related threats.  This position also assists in monitoring the internal network environment, assists management in business resumption planning and testing, assists management in policy development and systems implementation, and insures that the bank is monitoring and responding to changes that could result in business interruptions or data loss. The Information Technology Specialist needs to possess good leadership qualities, the ability to work independently, and across department lines, a desire to continuously learn, good communication skills, and good report writing and presentation skills in order to fulfill the job responsibilities.

Key responsibilities are interpreted as being descriptive and not restrictive in nature.

  1. Oversee 3rd Party Vendor Management program, including initial and ongoing vendor risk assessments and remediation
  2. Oversee IT and Cyber Security Risk Assessment and remediation program
  3. Assist with firewall configuration, management, monitoring and testing
  4. Coordinates review of firewall and IDS reports.
  5. Assist with security access rights to core banking system, and 3rd party web portal security
  6. Manage server and workstation vulnerability assessments
  7. Work with management to establish and fine-tune server baselines and performance metrics
  8. Work with management to develop and deploy policies, procedures, and security training programs designed to ensure proper staff awareness and compliance with bank policies
  9. Create reports to document ongoing compliance with bank policies and regulatory guidance
  10. Presents reports to IT Steering Committee and management
  11. Stays abreast of industry practices and regulatory developments that impact information security
  12. Reviews and updates IT Policies
  13. Assists and provides guidance to team members


  • Five or more years of relevant experience
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Knowledge and experience of Microsoft Active Directory ®, demonstrated LAN/WAN experience
  • Knowledge of fundamental operations of relevant software, hardware and other equipment
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office products required, SQL Server and Crystal reports preferred
  • Bachelor’s Degree in IT or Business, along with Advanced IT certifications preferred

Commerce Bank is an Equal Opportunity Employer.