Secure Access Codes

Requesting an Access Code

Commerce Bank offers the highest level of federally regulated enhanced security for our Online Banking customers. Multiple layers of security help ensure your Online Banking information is protected from fraud and identity theft.

Once enrolled in Online Banking you start the login process by coming here to the Commerce Bank web site,

In the Online Banking logon box, enter your “Login ID” and your “Password”.   

Next click on the “LOGIN” Button.


Secure Access Code

The next step is the validation of your logon by the use of a one-time Secure Access Code, which is delivered to your pre-populated email, phone, or cell phone.

We recommend using a phone number because it is generally faster.

Simply select your “Secure Access Delivery” preference * when you are prompted.

The one-time use Secure Access Code is received within seconds but is only valid for 15 minutes.


* Note: If the pre-populated information displayed is no longer valid, please contact our Customer Response Center at 800.698.BANK(2265), Monday – Friday 5:00P.M.

Once delivered, enter the “Secure Access Code” in the space provided and click “Submit.


After the Secure Access Code is validated, you will see the “Activate Browser” window where you choose to register your computer.

If you select "Activate this computer for later use," a "persistent cookie" will be placed on your computer. This will prevent you from having to go through this process the next time you log onto Online Banking using the same computer.

You also have the option to not activate the computer if you do not wish to have a persistent cookie placed on your computer or if you are on a public computer.

Select “SUBMIT” and you will be directed to your account overview.

Please note: For security purposes the persistent cookie will expire after 365 days. At that time you will be prompted to re-register your computer. If at any time you delete your browser cookies before this expiration, you will have to re-register the computer the next time you log in. In addition some antivirus programs may delete your cookies automatically. We advise you check your software documentation about disabling that feature. Additional information about cookie settings is available on our website:

Download a copy of the Access Code Guide

Download a copy of the Online Banking User's Guide

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