Terms & Conditions

CommerceCentsSM Savings Program

By enrolling in Commerce Bank's CommerceCentsSM saving program, we will round up the amount of any Mastercard® debit card purchase made by you or a joint owner of your Checking Account to the next whole dollar amount, and transfer the amount in excess of the purchase price from your checking account to your savings account. Only personal accounts are eligible for CommerceCentsSM.

Each business day, we will aggregate the round-up from purchases that post to your checking account and make a single transfer (the CommerceCentsSM transfer) at the end of each business day. If on any business day you do not have an available balance of $5.00 in your checking account, or if any transaction has overdrawn your Checking Account, we will not round up purchases posted on that business day and the CommerceCentsSM transfer for that day will be cancelled.

The corresponding CommerceCentsSM transfer will remain in the savings account, even if your Mastercard® debit card purchase is subsequently cancelled or reversed. We may cancel the CommerceCentsSM service at any time. CommerceCentsSM is available only on Mastercard® debit cards linked to your Commerce Bank checking account.


CommerceCentsSM Matching Program

After your enrollment, we will match 5% of the amount of your CommerceCentsSM transfers up to a maximum of $250 per year.

Within 8 weeks after the month in which your CommerceCentsSM enrollment anniversary occurs, the matching funds credit will be applied to your savings account annually. Both your checking and savings accounts must be open and in good standing, and you must still be enrolled in the CommerceCentsSM savings program to receive the matching funds credit.

You can earn a promotional match of up to $250.00 per anniversary period for each checking account enrolled in the CommerceCentsSM savings program. You will not receive the matching funds for a) credits or other adjustments related to POS purchases, such as those for purchases that are canceled or returned; b) purchases of cash-like items, such as money orders, traveler's checks, foreign currency, cashier's checks, gaming chips and other similar instruments and things of value; c) account funding transactions including transfers to open or fund deposit, escrow or brokerage accounts and purchases of stored value cards. We may terminate the matching promotion at any time without notice.

Savings accounts eligible to receive matching funds include Savings and Lion's Share Savings. For our current Savings and Lion's Share Savings rates, please visit our Personal Banking Rates page.

Fees could reduce earnings on your Regular Savings or Lion's Share Savings.

All Savings accounts (excluding Lion's Share Savings accounts) where CommerceCentsSM will be transferred to will have the Service Charge of $1.00 per month waived for 3 months even if the average daily balance falls below $100.00.

The promotional matching funds will be reported to the IRS on Form 1099.


For 18 Month Variable Rate IRA Accounts Only

In addition to the Terms & Conditions stated above, CommerceCentsSM 18 Month Variable Rate IRA transfers will always be considered current year contributions. If at any time during a calendar year you exceed your maximum IRA contribution limit as set by IRS regulations, your CommerceCentsSM transfer will be suspended until the beginning of the following calendar year. Please consult your tax advisor to determine your eligibility and maximum contribution limit.

The CommerceCentsSM match must be deposited to a non-IRA account with Commerce Bank.