Create A Challenge Code

A Challenge Code is an alternative to receiving Secure Access Code by phone or email. Once created, you may choose to enter your predefined code instead of receiving a Secure Access Code through the standard authentication process. This is very useful alternative if you cannot receive the delivery of a secure access code through your phone or email in the event you are unable to secure a second computers browser.

Remember you still need the correct entry of your Login ID and password.

For example, a Challenge Code is useful if you have already authenticated your home computer but your work computer has a policy in place which prevents you from storing secure persistent cookies. In order to take advantage of the Challenge Code you must have already successfully completed the authentication process on at least one computer.

To create your Challenge Code on your Registered Computers Browser:

  • Go to Preferences > Security then click on the Challenge Code tab.
  • Create a code of your own choosing which meets the Challenge Code requirements.

Challenge Code

  • Click on the ‘Submit Challenge Code’ button.
  • If successful you will receive a green message which states:
    You have successfully changed your challenge code.
  • If unsuccessful you will receive a red error message which states:
    Challenge code validation has failed.

Challenge Codes
When you logon to another computer with your Challenge Code; you will still enter your Logon ID and Password. Next you will be prompted for your Challenge Code. For your security, you will not be able to register that particular computer when logging in with your challenge code. A challenge code can only be used for one-time access.

[Download a copy of these instructions]