eDocument Delivery

Access your eDocuments online!
Commerce Bank offers you easy access to your eDocuments. No more waiting for your paper documents to be mailed. No more filing documents in your filing cabinet. No more requesting copies of checks. You will now have it all at your finger tips, anywhere, anytime.

When you sign up for eDocument Delivery, you will receive an email each time your new documents are available online.You can securely view, print or download your eDocuments for future reference.

By having the documents available online rather than emailing them directly to you ensures both privacy and that you receive each and every document. eDocuments are available the day they are created, allowing you to view them earlier than mailed paper documents.

Commerce Bank offers two different ways to obtain your eDocuments.

If you are interested in just eDocument Delivery, without enrolling in Online Banking, then the Direct eDocument Delivery Only link below is what you are looking for.  

Click here for Direct eDocument Delivery Only instructions.

Direct eDocument Delivery is perfect if you only have Loan eDocuments to access.

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If you enjoy the advantages of Online Banking and wish to add eDocument Delivery to the list of advantages, simply click on the link below.

Click here for Online Banking eDocuments instructions.

Online Banking eDocument Delivery is better if you have more than one of our products, such as Checking Accounts and Loans.