Financial Literacy - A Corporate Commitment

At Commerce Bank, we have a corporate commitment to Financial Literacy. We believe that financial education is the greatest tool for a healthy financial life. We proudly support the Federal Deposit Insurance Company’s (FDIC’s) Money Smart Program. Money Smart is a comprehensive financial education curriculum designed to help individuals enhance their financial skills and create positive banking relationships. Money Smart has reached over 3 million consumers since 2001.

The following are tools to help manage your finances.  Click on a link below to view and print a sampling of these financial fitness materials:


  1. Bank On It
    An introduction to bank services
  1. To Your Credit
    How your credit history will affect your credit future
  1. Borrowing Basics
    An introduction to credit
  1. Charge It Right
    How to make a credit card work for you
  1. Check It Out
    How to choose and maintain a checking account
  1. Loan To Own
    Know what you are borrowing before you buy
  1. Money Matters
    How to keep track of your money
  1. Your Own Home
    What home ownership is all about
  1. Pay Yourself First
    Why you should save, save, save
  1. Financial Recovery
    Steps to financial recovery
  1. Keep It Safe
    Your rights as a consumer