Multifactor Authentication

Commerce Bank offers the highest level of security for our Online Banking customers. Additional layers of security help ensure your online banking information remains secure, protected from fraud and identity theft.

All financial institutions have been strongly advised by the federal government to adopt multifactor authentication for their online delivery channels to provide an extra layer of security for their online clients.

Here's what you can expect:


You logon to Online Banking using your normal Logon ID and password. This is the first factor in multifactor authentication. Next, you will automatically be prompted for more information.

1. Select your temporary Secure Access Code delivery preference by choosing either your email address or one of your telephone numbers. We recommend using a phone number because it is generally faster.

2. A temporary, random Secure Access Code will be created for you (for one computer), remain valid for only 15 minutes, and delivered to you. Delivery should only take a few minutes. If you wish to register another computer, you will need to request another code from that computer.

3. If you chose to receive this code via telephone, Online Banking will call you with a generic message indicating that you have requested a temporary Secure Access Code and will then provide the code. For security purposes, this message will not indicate what the code should be used for, nor will it be left on voice mail.

4. If you chose to receive the Secure Access Code via email, a message from will be delivered to your designated email address. Please configure any spam filters or “white lists” to accept emails from this address. The email will include the Secure Access Code, but will not indicate its purpose.

5. Once you receive your temporary Secure Access Code, you have completed the second factor. The code should be entered into the Secure Access Code field of Online banking within 15 minutes of receipt.

6. Once the Secure Access Code is validated, you can register your browser. If you select “Activate this computer for later use,” a “persistent cookie” will be placed on your computer. This will prevent you from having to go through this process the next time you logon to Online Banking using the same computer and browser.


PLEASE NOTE: You must have your browser set to enable cookies to gain access.

Do not allow your browser to clear this cookie when you log off or shut down your computer. If you do not currently allow cookies, please be sure to allow cookies from Commerce Bank Online Banking,


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