Online Bill Payment

Paying bills just got a little easier.

Bill Pay does not attempt to change your money management habits. It uses today's technology to give you the ability to bypass the time-consuming aspects of traditional bill paying in order to manage your finances more conveniently and securely.

Enroll in Commerce Bank's free Bill Pay through Online Banking and manage your monthly bills with just a few mouse clicks. Bill Pay is a safe and secure approach to conducting your finances more efficiently. Say goodbye to writing checks, paying at billing company websites, and standing in line at the post office.

So get started by enrolling in Online Banking and enjoy the benefits of Bill Pay:

  • Pay your bills online when you want
  • Pay almost anyone, including individuals and businesses
  • Set up recurring online payments for regular bills, and you'll have peace of mind that your payments have been made
  • Schedule payments in advance
  • Update payment instructions anytime
  • Track your online Bill Pay history—see who you paid, the date, and the amount

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