Security Center

Keeping your information safe and secure is our number one priority.

Fraud comes in many shapes and sizes, but the outcome is simple: the loss of both money and time. With the increase in technological achievements in the banking industry, also comes the increase of potential threats.

Fraudsters using crimeware are attacking bank customers on their computers and in their Web browsers. Providing safe and secure access to Online Banking using a layered approach prevents criminals from taking over accounts and committing ACH, wire, and other types of fraud.


Learn some smart ways to bank safely:

Banking Safely Online: Read Commerce Bank's recommendations for banking safely online, and some helpful Internet security tips. Read more.

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft: Identity Theft is when someone else uses your personal information without permission to commit fraud. Read more.

Consumer Fraud Protection: Learn about the steps you can take to protect yourself against the rising tide of online consumer fraud. Read more

For Large and Small Businesses: Learn best practices on what you can do to protect company information. Read more.

Commerce Bank Privacy Policy: Read how Commerce Bank protects your information, what is shared, and what is not. Read more.

Contact Information: Who you should contact if you believe you've become a victim of identity theft or identity fraud. Read more.

Glossary of Security Terms: Understand the definitions of key security terms. Read more.


Note on Commerce Bank Debit Cards: Commerce Bank continually monitors up-to-date industry statistics regarding trends for fraudulent transactions occurring in specific states or with specific merchants. In some cases, we find the need to block signature-based, PIN-based, and/or internet transactions in these targeted geographical areas or at these merchants. Typically these transaction blocks are temporary and would be removed as conditions change. If you incur a transaction fee based on this aforementioned practice, please contact us and we will promptly rebate the fee for you.